Walk Over The Frozen Zankar River
Chadar Trek
Duration8N - 9D
Starting Price₹19,499/-
Pick-up and DropLeh
Other Info
When winter seeps into the valley of Ladakh, the otherwise happening state gets barren, pretty much with no sight of tourists. That’s when a new panorama of Ladakh opens up for the true challenge seekers, adventurers and people who’ve the will to do that not many would dare to! Because trekking on predefined trails is pretty mainstrem, Ladakh offers this unique trek on a frozen river, popularly known as Chadar Trek! “Chadar”, which means sheet or a blanket refers to the thick frozen slab of ice that forms on River Zanskar and hence the trekking trail came to be known as the Chadar Trek. The route is a frozen spectacle of ice that sometimes looks like blue glass and sometimes shines golden when few sunrays manage to reach the valley. The trail looks no less than a marvel on a moonlit night, when the entire valley is coloured sparkling white! Chadar trek takes you from Chilling Village (on the road to Leh) to the hidden villages in the Zanskar Valley along the frozen river. This route has been used for centuries for trade and transportation, and is most reliable in February when the ice is most stable.
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