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Kashmir Tour Packages: ‘The country is a vast place full of beautiful destinations and people’ and when talking about beautiful destinations, you just cannot miss out on one of the best destinations not just in the country but the entire world, and that is Kashmir. Renowned as the heaven on Earth, Kashmir is the perfect amalgamation of beauty, serenity and tranquillity. The Mughal Emperor, Jahangir when asked about Kashmir once said, “ If there’s heaven on Earth, it is here… it is here… it is here…” and truer words had never been spoken about this paradise. With inimitable beauty waiting to be explored by one and all, it is no doubt that Kashmir tour packages are a favourite among all travellers seeking a break from the daily grind and looking forward to experience bliss.

“The place is more beautiful than heaven and is a benefactor of supreme bliss and happiness”, this is what everyone who takes part in a Kashmir tour with our Kashmir tour packages says about the crown of India. Snow-capped mountains, rich flora and fauna, hospitable people, matchless arts and crafts and mesmerising beauty that is inimitable are few of the many things that make Kashmir a place worth visiting at least once in a lifetime, and there’s no better way to explore this place than with our Kashmir tour packages.

Different from its other hillstation counterparts, Kashmir is more than just a hillstation, it is an immersive experience and our Kashmir tour packages take you on a soulful journey through the haseen vadiya of Kashmir. Staying in a houseboat on the tranquil Dal Lake, taking in the panoramic views of Gulmarg from the Gondola, relishing the piping hot traditional Kashmiri Kahwa while having conversations with the locals and skiing downhill on the snow covered mountains are just a few of the many experiences that you can take in when on a Kashmir trip with our Kashmir tour packages.

It is rightly said that a dreamy honeymoon requires a dreamy destination and there’s no destination better than the dreamland– Kashmir. A Kashmir honeymoon with our Kashmir honeymoon packages is something that you and your partner will cherish for a lifetime. Love will surely be in the air when you and your partner opt in for our Kashmir honeymoon packages and start your romantic Kashmir trip with a romantic Shikara ride on the tranquil waters of Dal Lake, camping under the star studded sky of Sonamarg, indulging in a shopping spree in the many markets of Kashmir and topping it all of with authentic Kashmiri delicacies. A romantic getaway in the mesmerising valley of Kashmir is the perfect way to celebrate love and our Kashmir honeymoon packages are the perfect way to go with.

What makes our Kashmir tour packages and Kashmir honeymoon packages special are the many factors like best in class accommodation, immersive sightseeing tours, adrenaline fuelled adventure activities, and everything required to make your Kashmir trip a memorable one. With a plethora of elements that make this destination an amazing one, Kashmir is surely the destination that deserves your visit. So without any delay, scroll down and find out more about the land of Haseen Vadiya, Kashmir.

As said above, Kashmir is abode to a myriad of natural and man made marvels, all of which offer something different, that surely gives them a place in your heart. Our Kashmir tour packages take you to many of these marvels, some of which are Srinagar, Dal Lake, Gulmarg and Pulwama, though these destinations are located at different locations in Kashmir but, one thing is for sure, when at these places you will surely have the time of your life.

Places To Visit In Kashmir

1) Srinagar: With the divine Fajr, get a warm welcome to the ‘City of Lakes’ Srinagar. Also known as the Venice of India because of the presence of a plethora of lakes, Srinagar is the place to be in when on a Kashmir trip. Located at an altitude of 1589 metres above the sea level, the destination is known for its lush greenery, breathtaking views and the most loved Shikara and houseboat rides. The destination is perfect for those who are looking for a peaceful and serene environment to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. To add cherry on top of the cake, travellers on a Kashmir trip with our Kashmir tour packages will be over the moon after knowing that Srinagar is also an amazing place for a shopping spree, from where one can take back some essential souvenirs. Shoppers can also find authentic Pashmina in Srinagar. With so much beauty to offer it is no doubt that the entire city makes up for an amazing backdrop for all photos and will surely add a dash of inimitable beauty to your Instagram feed.

Things To Do In Srinagar: Shikara ride, Trying local delicacies, Paragliding

Places To Visit In Srinagar: Dal Lake, Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Shankaracharya Temple

Best Time To Visit Srinagar: Srinagar is an all year destination, however April to October is suggested to be the best time to explore the capital city.

2) Gulmarg: Want to witness the mesmerising beauty of the snow-capped mountains from an aerial perspective with our Kashmir tour packages? Well, you’re in for a treat in Gulmarg. Covered in snow, the entire city looks like a destination straight out of a fairyland. Our Kashmir tour packages allow you to witness the unparalleled beauty of the valley, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Strawberry Fields, Gulmarg Golf Course, and St. Mary’s Church are just a few of the many landmarks that you will be exploring with our Kashmir tour packages. The city is bliss for all winter sports lovers and when in Gulmarg, you must not miss out on Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowball fights and a ride on the country’s highest Gondola.

Things To Do In Gulmarg: Skiing, Snowboarding, Gondola Ride

Places To Visit In Gulmarg: Outer Circle Walk, Apharwat Peak, Ningle Nallah

Best Time To Visit Gulmarg: The best time to visit Gulmarg is during the summer season, the months of April to September are the preferable months to explore.

3) Betaab Valley: Embark on a journey in the valley that has a plethora of cameos in Bollywood movies, the Betaab Valley is the perfect amalgamation of peace, serenity and tranquillity. The valley is quite famous in our Kashmir tour packages as it is one of the landmarks that you pass through during the Amarnath Yatra and is one of the three valleys that are present in Pahalgam. Some of the most prominent things that you can take part in when in the valley are sightseeing, trekking, and camping. The most special thing that you can witness in the valley when camping is the star-studded sky, all of which make it an attraction that you just cannot miss when on a Kashmir trip with our Kashmir tour packages.

Things To Do In Betaab Valley: Camping, Trekking, Sightseeing

Best Time To Visit Betaab Valley: The Betaab Valley is an excellent destination during the summer and the spring season.

4) Pahalgam: The epitome of beauty and all things wonderful, Pahalgam is truly an essential addition to all Kashmir trip packages and is a favourite among couples traversing to this destination with our Kashmir honeymoon packages. Pahalgam is known for its beauty and its significance among Hindus as this is the starting point of the Amarnath Yatra which is organised every year. The place has a peculiar history as it was ruled by the Mughal emperors and later was controlled by the local Hindu leaders. When in Pahalgam you can have a sightseeing session with visits to world-renowned landmarks like Betaab Valley, Sheshnag Lake, Tulian Lake, Mamaleshwar Temple and and many more attractions which you can explore with our Kashmir trip package. If you’re bringing your kids for a Kashmir trip with our Kashmir packages then they are going to have the time of their lives in Pahalgam as they can take part in the many activities that take place in the destination, activities like Zorbing, Ziplining, paragliding are just a few of the many activities that you can take part in.

Things To Do In Pahalgam: Paragliding, Zorbing, Trekking, Camping

Places To Visit In Pahalgam: Aru Valley, Betaab Valley, Mamaleshwar Temple

Best Time To Visit Pahalgam: The best time to visit Pahalgam is during the months of July to October, the entire valley blooms with vibrant flowers during this time.

5) Dal Lake: When talking about Srinagar, the first name that comes to mind is the gem, the serene and tranquil, Dal Lake. Renowned for Shikara rides and houseboat stays, the lake is a significant one in Jammu and Kashmir, owing to which it is also known as the ‘jewel in the crown of Kashmir’. Our Kashmir tour packages allow you to enjoy everything the lake has to offer, besides boat rides, travellers on a Kashmir trip can also take part in fishing, walk along the Boulevard road, and watch the sunset when at the Dal Lake. With so much to offer, Dal Lake surely deserves its spot in the list of must-visit places with our Kashmir tour packages, especially the Kashmir honeymoon packages.

Things To Do At Dal Lake: Houseboat stay, Shikara ride, sunset watching

Places To Visit Near Dal Lake: Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden, Hazratbal Masjid

Best Time To Visit Dal Lake: The best time to visit Dal Lake is during the months of May to November.

There are a plethora of places waiting to be explored by you with our Kashmir tour packages and Kashmir honeymoon packages and it is worth mentioning that each and every one of them offers something unique to those who visit. With so much to witness one must also be familiar with the things to do during a Kashmir trip with our Kashmir packages.

Things To Do In Kashmir With Our Kashmir Tour Packages

1) Shikara Ride: Did you even go on a Kashmir trip if you didn’t get on a Shikara for a ride which you will be cherishing for a long time? Well we all know what the answer is. Shikara ride in Kashmir is a must in the modern day, just sit on the edge, and feel the cool Kashmir breeze caressing your face and take in the unparalleled views of the snow-capped mountains. And as they say a couple that takes a Shikara ride together stay together, therefore a Shikara ride is quite popular in our Kashmir honeymoon packages.The most renowned place for a Shikara ride in the entire Kashmir is the Dal Lake followed by the Nigeen Lake a counterpart of the Dal Lake.

Cost: INR 800 Approx.

Best Time To Do Shikara Ride: The months of May to November is considered to be the best time to do a Shikara Ride.

Places To Do A Shikara Ride: Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake

2) Skiing: With snow-capped mountains spread all around the state it is no doubt that skiing is one of the most popular activities to take part in Kashmir. Giving you a much-needed adrenaline rush, skiing will surely bring heat to the snowy environment during your Kashmir trip that you will be experiencing with our Kashmir tour packages. There are a plethora of places where you can take part in Skiing with the most famous ones being Gulmarg, Srinagar, Afarwat and Sonamarg, skiing is a popular activity among adventure travellers who opt for our Kashmir trip package. Surprisingly couples in our Kashmir honeymoon packages too have a good time when skiing on the majestic mountains.

Cost: The average cost for skiing in Kashmir is around INR 700 to INR 950 approx.

Best Time To Do Skiing: The best time to do skiing in Kashmir is during the months of January to the end of March.

Best Place To Do Skiing in Kashmir: Patnitop is considered the best place for skiing in Kashmir.

3) Camping: Just imagine a bonfire in the middle, you and your fellow travellers sitting around it and grooving to melodious tunes under the star-studded sky. Sounds like a dream that you would want to live? Well, you’re in for a treat because our Kashmir tour packages give you a chance to make this dream a reality. The Kashmiri valleys are known for being some of the best camping spots not just in India but the entire world and with our Kashmir tour packages you can twin relaxation with a dash of adventure since you need to trek to reach some of the camping spots. As a couple on a honeymoon with our Kashmir honeymoon packages, there’s no better way to take your love to the next level than camping in Kashmir.

Cost: The cost of camping in Kashmir usually starts from INR 2500.

Best Time To Do Camping: The months of April to October are considered to be the best for camping in Kashmir.

Best Places To Do Camping In Kashmir: Aru and Sonamarg are considered the best spots for camping in Kashmir.

4) Trekking: Besides inimitable beauty and poetry, our Kashmir tour packages also ensure that you get to experience adventure in the crown state and there’s no activity better than trekking for an adrenaline rush. What makes trekking in Kashmir more special is the unparalleled beauty that you get to soak in. The best part? Trekking in Kashmir gives you ample opportunities to create some quick reels of your Kashmir trip. Making it an essential activity to try.

Cost: The average cost for trekking in Kashmir is INR 15,000.

Best Time To Do Trekking In Kashmir: The months of May to September are considered to be the best for trekking in Kashmir.

Best Kashmir Treks: Great Lakes trek, Tarsar Marsar trek, Naranag Mahlish trek and Kolahoi Glacier trek.

5) Shopping: Pashmina shawls, authentic handicrafts, jewellery and more, a shopping spree is the way to go for happiness galore. When on a Kashmir trip with our Kashmir tour packages, you just cannot miss out on an essential shopping spree to take some essential souvenirs back home that you’ll be cherishing for a lifetime. There are a plethora of places to shop in Kashmir like Residency Road, Lal Chowk, Zaina Kadal Road and more. Shopaholics will have the time of their lives when they get acquainted with the many articles to shop for in the markets of the Himalayan wonderland.

Cost: The average amount that shoppers usually spend for shopping in Kashmir ranges from INR 2000 to INR 10,000

Best Places For Shopping In Kashmir: Fairdeal Shopping Complex, Polo View, Residency Road

Things To Shop In Kashmir: Pashmina Shawls, carpets, Dry fruits and Jewellery

6) Relishing Authentic Kashmiri Cuisine: Kashmir is probably the most unique destination when it comes to cuisines, the major factor being that Kashmir has two distinctive cuisines, one which is majorly consumed by the Muslim population while the latter is consumed more by the Hindu counterparts. Wazwan is usually consumed by the Muslim population, whereas the Hindu cuisine is known as Batta. Wazwan consists of non-vegetarian dishes mostly and has over 30 dishes in the cuisine, whereas Batta has both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Well you don’t need to worry about which one to go for, since with our kashmir tourism package you can relish both these cuisines in your Kashmir trip. Besides these, travellers on a Kashmir trip can also try other dishes like Rogan Josh, Kashmiri Rajma, Naat Yakhni and many more dishes to treat your taste buds with.

Cost: Travellers on a Kashmir trip usually spend INR 450 and onwards for a Kashmiri cuisine.

Best Places To Try Kashmiri Cuisine: Dana Pani in Pahalgam, Nathu Sweets in Srinagar and Nedous Restaurant, Gulmarg.

After reading so much about Kashmir and the various Kashmir tour packages and Kashmir honeymoon packages, we’re sure that you will be having a plethora of questions and to get answers to those questions, scroll down and check out the Frequently Asked Questions about Kashmir tour packages.

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Our Kashmir Tour Packages

Things to do in Kashmir

Kashmir is a breathtaking destination known for its plethora of experiences. From indulging in the local culture to enjoying the unique landscape, there are many activities that are exclusive to this destination.

Shikara Ride

Enjoy the stunning view of the mountains while your boatman rows you across the lake

45 minutes approx

Dal Lake


Admire the magnificence of the distant mountains while enjoying the ambiance of the beautiful place

3 days approx

Kashmiri Hills

Snowboarding & Skiing

Skiing & Snowboarding are among the best things to do in Kashmir, specifically if you love adventure.

2 hours approx


Pony Ride

Pony riding in Kashmir is one of the best ways to explore the nature and countryside

4 hours approx


River Rafting

River rafting is amongst the most adrenaline-pumping & immensely popular adventurous activities to do in Kashmir

2 hours approx

Lidder River

Gondola Rides

Experience the unmatched & unforgettable mesmerizing views of the valley & mountains while enjoying the cable car ride. 

12 minutes approx


Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

Kashmir is home to beautiful landscapes, majestic mountains, sprawling valleys, and lush meadows. The place is not just renowned for its aesthetics, one can enjoy breathtaking views and adventure sports like skiing, rafting and much more


Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir is popular for its lakes, garden, natural environment and houseboats



Located in the Pir Panjal Range, Gulmarg is a popular skiing destination that is surrounded by snow-covered Himalayas



Nestled in the mountains,Sonamarg is a beautiful snow-covered hill station surrounded by majestic glaciers and serene lakes


Betaab Valley

Located in Pahalgam, Betaab Valley among the top attraction in Kashmir wrapped by pine & deodar trees

Betaab Valley


Nestled in the scenic Liddar valley, Pahalgam is a world-renowned destination for its stunning natural beauty.


Dal Lake

Popular as the pride of Kashmir, Dal Lake is among the major attraction in Srinagar enclosed by Pir Panjal peaks

Dal Lake

Popular Places to Enjoy The Food in Kashmir

Kashmir is known for its traditional cuisine, so your kashmir trip would be incomplete without experiencing some of the local dishes. If you're looking for a taste of Kashmiri heritage, be sure to check out these restaurants

Cost for 2: ₹1,500/- approx

Ahdoos, Srinagar


Indian, Asian

Cost for 2: ₹0/- approx

Dana Pani, Pahalgam


Indian, Asian

Cost for 2: ₹600/- approx

Nathus Sweets


North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Street Food

Cost for 2: ₹800/- approx

Shamyana Restaurant



Cost for 2: ₹1,000/- approx

Earthen Oven Restaurant


North Indian, Asian

Cost for 2: ₹700/- approx

Lhasa Restaurant


Tibetan, Kashmiri, Chinese

Places to Shop In Kashmir

Kashmir is home to numerous talented local artisans who sell their beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs. If you love to buy memorable gifts while traveling, then you'll surely want to add shopping in Kashmir to your itinerary

Sarnal Payeen Anantnag Kashmir

Shop For: Metal Crafts

10:00 AM - 08:00 PM



Shop For: Traditional Wear

09:00 AM - 09:00 PM


Ahmad Complex

Shop For: Kashmiri Jewelry

10:00 AM - 09:00 PM


Shri Kedarnath Shop

Shop For: Sandalwood And Metals

07:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Royal Kashmir

Shop For: Dry Fruits

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Pick N Choose

Shop For: Tea Products And More

10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


Frequently Asked Questions About Kashmir Tour Packages

Q: Which month is best for Kashmir tour?

The ‘heaven on Earth’ Kashmir is an all year destination and travellers from all over the world visit the destination to get glimpses of the beauty of Kashmir, resulting in creation of various Kashmir tour packages which allow travellers to visit in any month. Though Kashmir tourism is active throughout the year, we highly recommend to visit Kashmir during the months of March to August, as during the summer, the weather is relatively pleasant as compared to other Indian states.

Q: How many days are enough for Kashmir?

Seven nights and eight days is the recommended duration for a Kashmir tour, in this duration you can explore the major landmarks of Kashmir like Srinagar, Gulmarg and Pahalgam. The duration of a Kashmir tour usually depends on the places to be explored, the number of people travelling and the occasion, if any. Besides this, the recommended duration for Kashmir honeymoon packages is 5 nights and 6 days. You can checkout our Kashmir holiday packages to get more information before choosing the package that suits your needs.

Q: How much will Kashmir trip cost?

The average Kashmir holiday package usually cost around INR 25,000 to INR 30,000. The cost for a Kashmir holiday package usually depends on a myriad of factors like number of people, the dates of travel, the activities that will be done and a plethora of other miscellaneous costs.

Q: Which month has snowfall in Kashmir?

Kashmir experiences snowfall in the winter months of December and January, during which the temperature goes as low as -2 to -6 degrees celsius. If you want to experience and witness the snowfall in Kashmir, then you should checkout our winter Kashmir trip package.

Q: Are 5 days enough for Kashmir?

Yes, 5 days are enough for a Kashmir trip.

Q: Does it always snow in Gulmarg?

No, it does not always snow in Gulmarg. The region is usually covered with snow during the winter months of December to February but is lush green during the summer.

Q: Do and don'ts in Kashmir?

Some do’s and dont’s to keep in mind during your Kashmir trip are to carry your ID while roaming outdoors, cover your head when entering a religious place, always carrying woolen clothing when moving out in Kashmir. Some dont’s include avoiding drinking in public places, roaming around in the city at night and not travelling to high altitude places if you suffer from health issues.

Q: Can we cover Gulmarg in 1 day?

Yes, it is possible to cover Gulmarg in just 1 day. You can take part in all the famous activities that Gulmarg offers in the one day trip.

Q: Which item is famous in Kashmir?

Kashmir is renowned for its authentic arts and crafts which include hand made baskets, authentic jewellery, and Pashmina shawls.

Q: What is the main food of Kashmir?

Rice is the staple food of Kashmir while some famous dishes in the Kashmiri cuisine include Rogan Josh, Dum Aloo, Kashmiri Rajma and many more which are worth trying.

Kashmir Travel Guidelines

  1. The covid negative certificate is no longer required to enter the state.
  2. Tourists are now allowed in the state with the RTPCR test no longer required to enter the state.
  3. Domestic travellers can now enter the state with a mandatory COVID vaccination certificate.
  4. All travellers must have the Aarogya Setu app downloaded on their phones.
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