5 Destinations To Witness the Holi in the Most Unique Ways!

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5 Destinations To Witness the Holi in the Most Unique Ways!

India is a land of colors and rightly so! One of the most celebrated festivals across India, Holi, is the best highlight of the entire year to see India in its true colors. Due to regional and cultural variations, Holi isn’t celebrated in just one way. Across India, you’ll find that Holi has its own unique taste in different regions. From Rajasthan’s party styled Holi to North India’s more traditional style.

Here are TOP 5 destination you MUST celebrate Holi at.

Pushkar, Rajasthan

Pushkar hosts India’s craziest Holi parties. We recommend this location to those who want to celebrate the traditional holi with a modern twist. Tourists from all over the world especially go to Pushkar to play Holi. Besides that, you will find almost all the locals on the streets playing, dancing, singing! There is no alcohol served here although you will find government approved Bhang shops all over the city.


How to reach:

  • Nearest Railway Station : Ajmer, 11 km from Pushkar. Take an auto from the station to reach your destination.
  • Nearest Airport : Jaipur, 143 km from Pushkar. You can hire a cab or catch a bus to complete your journey.
  • You can also find direct overnight buses from Delhi. Prices range from INR 500 to 700.

Where to stay: Check out Budget Hostels and Hotels in Pushkar

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s another famous holi destination, Udaipur, is definitely a must visit during this weekend. The two day holi celebrations start with lighting of bonfire fire at the city palace, also known as Holika Dahan. The second includes the main street play! All over the city you will locals singing and dancing to folk songs. Although you can play holi in any street, the city palace and Manek Chowk are the most happening locations! We highly recommend visiting these locations to fully experience the grand and royal holi of Udaipur.

How to reach:

  • You can get direct trains and air tickets from Delhi to Udaipur every day.
  • You can also get direct overnight buses from Delhi. Prices range from INR 600 to 1000.

Where to stay: Best Hotels and Hotels in Udaipur

Vrindavan’s and Mathura’s holi are probably the most famous ones all over India and world. The level of partying and celebrations are just out of this world. The weeklong celebrations start with Lathmar Holi on the first day in Barsana followed by Phoolon Ki Holi in Banke Bihari Temple on Day 3.

Other events you can visit:

  • On day4, you can visit the Gopinath temple and play holi with widows, who until a few years ago weren’t allowed to play with colours
  • Visit the Holi gate to witness “Holi ka Dahan”- an evening during which Manmatha (the god of love) is burnt.

How to reach:

  • There are direct trains and buses from Delhi to Vrindavan, which will take 3 hours and 5 hours respectively.
  • The nearest airport is Agra, 53km from Vrindavan. From here you can take a cab/bus.

Where to stay: The VrindsWood Hotel

Sangla, Himachal Pradesh

Have you always wondered how people in the mountains celebrate holi? Well, Holi at Sangla is just the right place to witness Holi the Himalayan way. Holi in Sangla includes a weeklong celebration. From the entire village gathering, singing, dancing to eating, drinking and partying together, Sangla has it all. Besides the colourful celebration, the festival here also includes praying to the local deity at the end of the week.

We highly recommend this location for those who are looking for unique experiences in the mountains.

How to reach:

  • The only way to reach Sangla is via road. Catch a bus from Shimla towards Rampur, from where you will have to get another bus towards Sangla.

Where to stay: Hotel Royal Castle

Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

One of India’s most unique festivals -Hola Mohalla- and also an important cultural element in Sikhism. Hola Mohalla is a masculine version of Holi that showcases mock battles and valour. With the atmosphere echoing with poetry and music, much battles and bright colours are important aspects of this kind of Holi. We highly recommend celebrating holi here once in a life to experience a different side of the crazy holi we are all familiar with. Don’t forget to take part in Bhangra sessions and Langar!

How to reach:

  • Nearest Airport : Chandigarh, 2 hours away from Anandpur Sahib. From Chandigarh you can easily get buses till Anandpur Sahib.
  • You can get direct buses from Delhi to Anandpur Sahib every day. Prices ranger from INR 500-900
  • You can also catch a direct train from Delhi, every night.

Where to Stay: Hotel Temple View Inn

Are you ready for this year’s holi? We definitely are! Tell us in comments which is your favorite destination for Holi celebration in India.

Disclaimer : If you have any issues with the content of this blog, you can contact us at info@wanderon.in
Blog By : Ambika Bhardwaj

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