High fly above the mountains like a bird
Paragliding Advanced
Duration15N - 16D
Starting Price₹38,999/-
Pick-up and DropBir
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If you are an adventure enthusiast, then paragliding is something that will ring a bell to you. This course will make you comfortable being in the skies all alone as you learn active pilot skills, and develop some maneuvering tricks.
What are the various paragliding courses? There are three types of paragliding courses: P1 paragliding course - Basic ground handling P2 paragliding course - Building blocks of flying, small independent flights P3 paragliding course - Advanced course to become an independent pilot
First, as a beginner foundation course instruction are given which is very important and one cannot become a pilot without that. This is the most important step, and everyone should take care of this part.
Requirements for the safe training of pilots:
Physical Requirements
1. AGE: Minimum age required to train is 18. If you are 46 or older, we recommend that you consult with your health care provider whether it is safe for you to train. Under special circumstances i.e. with approval of both parents, we may allow students younger than 18 to train. There is no maximum age limit.
2. ABILITY TO RUN: You must be able to run at least (30) yards in (6) seconds or less.
3. ABILITY TO ENDURE A MODEST FALL: You must be able to jump from a 3' ladder and land safely. Part of your training includes learning how to fall without injury.
4. WEIGHT: Student pilot weight minimum is 105lbs (45-47Kg) Maximum weight is 200lbs (90-91Kg). If you are overweight for your height and build by more than 20%, this sport is not for you. Many of those wishing to train have lost the weight necessary. Being overweight greatly increases your risk of injury or death while flying a paraglider. If you are unusually tall, we can make an exception to the upper weight limit.
5. VISION: Your long-distance vision and depth perception must be good. If you need glasses, be sure to have sports-type eyewear, such as "Rec-Specs", that will not accidently fall off while flying. Inability to see clearly while in the air could result in injury or death.
6. LEFT-RIGHT DETERMINATION: If you have difficulty determining which is your right or left, have someone drill you and see whether you can train yourself to instantly recognize which side is which. It may take some time. Getting your right or left side/hand confused can be *EXTREMELY* dangerous while paragliding.
Mental Requirements:
Mental stability while paragliding is also of critical importance. It is essential for engaging in any activity like paragliding or hang gliding where panic, loss of self control, or anything similar can lead to injury or death. People do not think about task saturation but it can happen. How will you respond when you are in the air? It is worth thinking about. Those who have had military experience will likely have had the mental training necessary. Most people have the necessary mental stability to paraglide. If you can do six things at the same time (like flying a helicopter) pilot training will be easier. This is NOT the activity where you want to learn how you do mentally or physically. Experience in skydiving, rock climbing, caving, kite or wind surfing, or mountaineering is helpful.
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