Spiti Valley is undoubtedly the best offbeat destination in India. It serves a totally different façade of Himachal Pradesh in your travel platter. The history of Himalayas, as it would have been during the days of geological upheaval is clearly painted in the beautiful landscapes of Spiti Valley. If you have the hunger for rustic views, challenging roads and peaceful village vibes, then a trip to Spiti Valley is your food for soul.

A trip to Spiti from May to October makes sure you get to witness the best of summers in mountains. It is now that places like Chandratal Lake put up beautiful vistas for all travelers. Spiti in March to May is a treat for all snow lovers, since it brings a white wonderland before you. The entire valley is covered with thick snow and it’s perfect to experience the famous Spiti Winter.

Whether you want to try your biking skills on the curvy roads, or just want to witness the changing landscapes from the window of your bus, we’ve got all your plans sorted. Your choice of transport, your choice of season and our handcrafted itineraries is all you need to take that dream trip to Spiti!

Here are the various Spiti Valley Packages that we offer.


  • Sowmya Narayanan Avatar
    Sowmya Narayanan

    The road trip to Spiti Valley with WanderOn was one of the best trips of mine.
    The entire trip was super fun, thanks to the amazing team captains - Jahanoor & Fareed. Special thanks to the ever so lively Champa bhaiyya and Surja bhaiyya.
    The journey was filled with mind blowing landscapes, ones that have been etched in our memories for a lifetime. Every turn that we took along the road was a treat to the eyes.
    The stay in Manali was a very cosy and comfortable room. It was close to Old Manali, making it easier for us to explore the local areas and for some cafe hopping. The days that followed, we explored Sptiti, by camping at Kaza. The location was out of the world. The night sky was so magical that you would think you were in outer space. We drove past amazing views through Kunzum La, sent postcards from the world's highest post office at Hikkim, visited Asia's highest village Komic, said hello to the stunning Buddha at Langza. We also visited the Key Monastery, the view in itself was a treat to the eyes, played with few of the baby monks from an adjacent school. We moved on to our next camping spot to Chandratal. Words cannot the describe the magnificence of the lake. You need to witness the beauty and feel the magic. We happily trekked around the lake, had an amazing time dancing to the choreography of Jahanoor, clicked some picture perfect moments and trekked back. The last night at the camp was a little difficult, with the thought that we have to come back to normal life, after this life changing trip. It was with a heavy heart that we bid our goodbyes to the the Champa & Surja bhaiyya and started back...
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  • Aravind Ramachandran Avatar
    Aravind Ramachandran

    Spiti Valley - The Land of Cold Dessert Mountain
    A paradise on earth or a Vigin Heaven what can I call this beauty - Spiti Valley. A desicion of going for a solo trip with WanderON was so worth it as I could witness
    this beauty with the landscape so enchanting that my soul never wanted to come back. So when is planned this trip, and registered with Wander On as a solo traveler
    from South India Chennai, Always had a thought as all going to be from North how is it going to be, But all my worries went away when I spoke to Chirag, after the call
    I was so confident that this trio is going to be one time life experience and I have made the right choice to go with WanderOn. So this is my journey, From Chennai
    I took a flight to Delhi, and to my suprise we had an other friend from Chennai and we met at the Delhi Airport, and started our Journey. We took the Delhi Metro and
    reached Vidhan sabha (metro station). The whole team was waiting at the metro station, Met all the tour Co-ordinators Chirag, Dushywant and Sowmya, they were very welcoming and
    introduced us to the fellow travelers.. Now slowly the Excitement begin as the most awaited moment was going to start. We started from Delhi in a tempo Traveler to Manali.
    Yes you heard it right,
    DAY 1 Its MANALI, I had an awesome time there with lots of activity like ropeclimbing- , then the himalayanride , Yak ride it was so cute and and super
    fun ride and first time in my life I could get a photo with a Python that was so much exciting.
    DAY 2- Rohtangpass - started with beautiful view of the ...
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  • Amruta Shetty Avatar
    Amruta Shetty

    Desperately in need of a vacation, I was scrolling through facebook and getting envious of all the pictures my friends were posting of their vacations when I stumbled upon an ad from Wanderon for the Himachal backpacking trip. The itinerary seemed quite adventurous and exciting and was super budget-friendly for all the experiences they were offering. A quick scan through all the favourable reviews strengthened my decision to travel with them and I got in touch with Chirag and Madhusudan who were extremely helpful and patient in answering all my queries. And where do I even start about the trip captains Sandeep and Aarti? Traveling solo for the first time, I had my own reservations and apprehensions but Sandy and Aarti made me feel at ease in no time. They both are some of the most wonderful and purest souls I have met in my life. Aarti and Sandy were less of trip leaders and more of chilled out co-travellers who knew of their responsibilities but yet were not overbearing or overprotective. After a delay in my flight timings, Aarti patiently guided me through the city of Delhi to reach the pick up point and Sandy immediately started reciting tales of their Spiti valley adventure. Strangers became friends in a short period of time and what followed was one of the best trips I have ever been on. From paragliding to trekking to cafe hopping, everything was seamlessly managed by WanderOn. They kept to their word and provided an extraordinary experience to all the travellers. What I specifically loved about WanderOn is how they provide you with your own space to travel and do not rush with the touristy sites unlike other tours. We managed to cover all the important sights yet relax and chill at the same time. I... read more

  • Ashutosh Roy Avatar
    Ashutosh Roy

    Spiti - this isolated, land-locked, remote and beautiful high altitude desert initially stuns you with its solitude but if you persevere, it helps you find yourself. It allows you to disconnect from the hyper-connected lives that we are so accustomed to living these days and allows you to just live in the moment.
    Once you do disconnect, you begin to notice the clear blue sky that lofty mountains often appear to breach, hear the sound of birds and roaring rivers that gush below, wake to subtle sunrises and sleep under stars that twinkle by the million. Spiti's beauty is enhanced by the people that are fortunate to call this valley home. From the homestays that accommodated weary travelers, to strangers that greeted you with a smile - be it at a monastery or on a hill - one just felt welcomed every step of the way.
    None of this would have been possible without the untiring efforts of Team Wanderon, Govind, Ravi, Jajoo and especially our all-time companion Chirag and Sandy and Our dynamic Spiti King driver Champa bhaiya and who ensured that our trip was memorable 🙂 Thank you for such a lovely introduction to a place I would love to revisit (soon).
    I am blessed that I chose you guys ( Team WanderOn), I can't expect anything better than I got.
    Love u Guys , Keep Growing!!!

  • Kunal Patnaik Avatar
    Kunal Patnaik

    Highly Recommended!!!!!
    I recently got back from a 6 days trip through Spiti Valley and I had an amazing experience.
    Govind!!! I must tell you man, you are doing a fantastic job.
    My friends and I were traveling together and Govind created a custom tour for us based on what we wanted to do. When I first reached out to him, I told him what we wanted to see (Kaza, Langza, Komic, Dhankar, Pin Valley, Mudh Valley, Tabo, Chndratal ) and do (trekking, camping, etc). He was able to create an itinerary for us based on this.
    He was very patient with us and was able to accommodate the multiple rounds of changes that we requested.
    The best thing was his level of customer service. He made it a point to send Mansi by our hotel one night to see how our day was and if something had to be changed. This, despite the fact that he had multiple clients going on at the same time.
    By the way, for all this, his price was very reasonable and definitely cheaper than any of the other tour operators we found. We had our own Toyota Innova for the entire 6 days, with a dedicated driver (ask for Vinod, he is awesome!)
    Looking forward to some more amazing trips with WanderOn.

  • Snehal Supugade Avatar
    Snehal Supugade

    Hello Everyone ,
    This is Snehal Supugade (Spiti return  )
    Vector Projects ( Mumbai )
    My journey started from 11th August. I was very apprehensive about going, there were numerous fears in my mind about travelling with strangers, safety issues , will I be able to mix up or not ? But this time I decided to ignore all my fears and experience this adventure.
    The tour through which I went was Wanderon. I feel the main three things that should be covered on any journey are food ,stay and safety which was nicely covered by Wanderon. The highlight were the spacious tents. I had never stayed so comfortably in a tent before. Our team captain was Mr. Dushyant Sharma. I would like to add few lines about him becoz he really did his job well. He organized the itinerary systematically , took care about all tour members’s needs , was polite and well behaved , was well aware of the sights. He would literally come and wake us all up like “ Utho Jana hai “.It is not easy to care about each and every one’s needs at the same time but he managed it pretty well. I also had a phobia of heights but Dushyant helped me overcome it so lots of thanks to him !.
    I met a very nice group of people. I came across Aakriti , Rahul , Pranay , Hemani , Aftab ji , Gandhali , Mamata , Rashmi and of course Sneha. I don’t mingle up with people easily but this time i ended up becoming good friends with everyone. These people had named me “ Khamoshi” ……..guys I liked it !. I am reserved by nature but these people made me so comfortable and I enjoyed each and everyone’s company. ( Thanks Aakriti for ………....
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  • Sakshi Kathuria Avatar
    Sakshi Kathuria

    We all have that moment in our lives when we feel that it’s time to change things and do something that we actually care about- for me it’s travelling. But we always struggle in deciding where to go, when to go and most importantly, finding the right people to go with!
    That is when I stumbled upon Wanderon and decided to trust them with my first experience of traveling in a group. My first trip with these guys was to Tirthan valley. It was my time trekking and they successfully got me hooked to it post that! Soon, I was signing up for another trip with them to Spiti Valley.
    Through these two trips, there have been a few points that have stood out for me and would make me recommend them to everyone-
    1. Food and Accommodation – Swiss tents were provided which were extremely comfortable and clean. Moreover, the meals that were provided to us were also super tasty!
    2. Organization – I was really impressed with how well equipped the team was to deal with any situation. Their medical kit and expertise was also commendable as they gave special attention to each person’s requirements. I remember how I got sick during my trek and puked but Captain Sandy not only took care of me but also motivated me to finish the trek Wanderon is also a very organized group and stuck to their itinerary and delivered on every promise that they had made!
    3. Personal touch – I think the best part about this group is the personal touch that they provide. I remember that the Key monastery had closed by the time we reached in the evening. However, they ensured that we did not miss out on this beautiful place and proactively took us there the very next day. I...
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