10 Traditional Balinese Dishes To Satiate Your Tastebuds
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10 Traditional Balinese Dishes To Satiate Your Tastebuds

Food is not just a way to a man’s heart BUT it works amazingly well for all genders, races, and species as well! If you are planning a trip to Bali, you will have to be ready for an adventurous food rally consisting of all sorts of meats and veggies. Bali being famous for its all-rounded tourism industry has some of the best dishes for you to try. Betutu, Nasi Tepeng, Babi Guling, Bubur Sumsum might sound alien-like to your ears but sure will tickle your taste buds. The authentic traditional Balinese cuisine is ready to get your mind blown and tongue tied.

Here are 10 Traditional Balinese Dishes You Need to Try

Satay or Sate Lilit is a cultural wonder of Bali and one of the most famous traditional Balinese dishes. This classic dish is basically marinated skewered and grilled meat. The variation in the meat is beef, chicken, pork, fish and turtles as well. The meat is wrapped around bamboo or lemongrass sticks and grilled fully with spicy sauces. A little touch of coconut milk is also added for the flavor.

This popular food in Bali is known as the king’s meal. Betutu is a stuffed duck with a mixture of spices which include shallots, garlic, ginger, chili, peanuts, and many more. Along with the duck, cassava leaves, lemongrass, banana leaves, and kaffir lime leaves also add up to the ingredient list. This traditional Balinese dish is cooked over an hour or two and served with steamed rice and sauces.


Vegetarian food in Bali is something that is dominated by authentic meat dishes. But urap is something which is available in every Indian restaurant in Bali and is enjoyed even by the meat lovers. This traditional vegetable salad comes with a coconut dressing and consists of steamed or raw vegetables, including green beans, cabbage, bean sprouts, spinach, and cassava leaves.

Sambal Udang

Sambal Udang is again something a sea-food lover shouldn’t miss. For this cuisine, large prawns are cooked in spicy sambal and tamarind paste. Sambal sauce is another popular food in Bali and is made out of saut-ed onions, green pepper and red chili peppers. The final dish is garnished with coriander leaves and topped with some coconut milk.

Tahu And Tempe

Another vegetarian food in Bali is Tahu and Tempe which is basically tofu and fermented soy cake. It is good for both as a snack or a side dish for your main course dishes. The dish is made by cooking sliced tofu with the fermented soy cake in a pot of coconut water and some spices. People can opt for a fried or non-fried version accordingly.

Babi Guling

Babi Gulling is usually served during performances as a treat or snack but it definitely qualifies as a main course. This Balinese roasted pork is rolled over the fire and enjoyed as a communal dish. The juicy pork meat is stuffed and greased with some authentic traditional spices. The delicate texture of the meat adds up to the savory taste of this delicacy.

Nasi Tumpeng

This local cuisine is a mushy delicacy filled with a mixture of spices and herbs. The flavors along with fried chicken, egg, jackfruit, beans, and eggplant will definitely nourish your tastebuds. Nasi Tepeng’s rice and porridge-like texture is something that adds up for it being a good breakfast dish.

Tuna Sambal Matah

Served hot with steamed rice and sambal matah, this traditional Balinese dish is a sour and spicy wonder. The dish is made by adding lime juice, salt and freshly ground black pepper to the fresh tuna steaks and grilling it to the taste. The ingredients are pretty much just tuna, lime juice, steamed white rice and sambal matah.

Bubur Sumsum

This sweet black rice dish allows you to experience true Balinese cuisine. Served as either a dessert or breakfast/snack, Bubur Sumsum is a must-try during your visit to Bali. The batter of rice flour is cooked in coconut milk with pandan leaves then boiled until thick and batter-y. Adding banana slices and coconut cream as a dressing gives it the perfect taste.

Kopi Luwak

If you are up for an adventurous food marathon, you should definitely try the Koi luwak. Also known as civet coffee or poop coffee, it is the most expensive coffee in the world. It is made by collecting and washing the extracted coffee beans of civets. These beans are roasted over a fire and served as a freshly brewed coffee with surprisingly low acidity.

Keep tasting and exploring the best of flavors! Meanwhile, we’ll see you on the other side of the dining table.

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Blog By : Shrutty Sharma
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