Reasons To Visit Auli In Winter To Get A Life Time Experience

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Reasons To Visit Auli In Winter To Get A Life Time Experience

Auli, a beautiful Himalayan Ski destination is one of the fascinating places to visit in December. A wide range of coniferous and oak trees surround this magnificent place, along with Nanda Devi and Nar Parvat mountains. The bright and shining slopes, mesmerizing apple orchards, and clean environment are some of the reasons to visit Auli in winter.

Some of the best things about Auli are its long cable car that connects Auli to Joshimath, Badrinath temple, and the Valley of Flowers National Park. The best way to explore the national park is to admire the alpine flora and the mesmerizing animals like snow leopards and red foxes. Take a weekend off to set out to explore the finest shades of Auli in winter 2019. Here we have compiled you a set of 8 reasons to visit Auli in December.

Best time to visit Auli

One can visit Auli at any time of the year; however, Auli is turned into a dream destination during the winter season. Winters in Auli are magnificent and the weather remains cool all through the year. The temperature hardly crosses 20 degrees. In fact, it goes down to -8 degrees as well. The best time to visit Auli is from November to February. You can actively participate in skiing during this time.

Reasons to visit Auli in winter 2019

The Joyride of Bus

The beautiful bus journey takes you through the snow-capped mountains by the rivers. The journey starts with glorious roads and takes you through the beautiful nature of Auli, something that you can’t find anywhere else easily. Find your way through several snow-capped hills, streams, valleys, and the magnificent views on your way to the town of Joshimath.

The Compelling sunsets and sunrises

Auli doesn’t let you witness any common sunrise and sunset. The dusk and dawn in Auli have a significance of their own. You can easily embrace the calmness of sunset and sunrise in Gopeshwar, Joshimath, and Pandukeswar. Early morning is the best time to explore the perfect sunrise in Auli; this is when you get to witness the sun showering vibrant colors like orange, yellow, and red.

Scenic Beauty Of Himalayas

This hill station is widely famous for its snow-capped mountains and valleys on either sides. Auli is, however, not a hill station, but a mountain itself. Explore the mountains in Auli by visiting the famous Nanda Devi, also known as the sleeping beauty, the enormous Hathi Parvat, Trishul, Beethartoli, Dunagiri, Ghori Parbat, Kamet, Mana Parvat, Nar Parvat, and Nikanth.

Mesmerizing Snowfall

You can easily experience snowfall in hill stations like Manali, Shimla, DalHousie, etc. But what is so special about Auli that makes it one of the best places in winter to explore the snowfall? It’s the peacefulness that attracts the most. The snowfall here is magnificent, with mountains stretched up to 5 feet of snow. The snow is so fresh that you can even taste it.

Trekking To Serene Mountains

The best place to trek with your adventurous friends is where you can find mountains and valleys covered in snow. If you have the same enthusiasm in you for adventure, you’re in for the right time to trek in Auli in winters. Take some time out to trek with your friends or any group of adventurous travelers that you may find in an Auli tour package. Gurson Bugyal, a meadow is one such popular track for trekking in Auli that you simply cannot miss, especially durint the winter season. It is quiet, favorable, and trance. Make sure you carry your lens with you.

Lifetime Experience of Skiing

This is what Auli is best known for. Auli is undoubtedly one of the best preferred destinations for skiing in India. Ski in Auli is spread over 400 m to 4 km. You can do Tandem ski and Professional ski without any hussle. If you are doing it for the first time, you should try tandem ski for beginners. The charges for skiing are roughly in between INR 300 to INR 500. There are various ski training programs that you can get yourself enrolled into.

You might have seen a chair car ride in movies, but it’s time you experience this ride for yourself in Auli. The majestic ride up in the air for about 10,000 feet gives a splendid experience of riding the longest Asian ropeway ride. The two different rides in Auli are the longest Joshimath-Auli Gondola and the chair car ride from GMNV to Auli. The rides in Gondola are closed boxes with large glass windows and the chair car consists of airborne load of chairs. The magnificent view of the ground from high up the sky is worth trying at least once in your life.

Religious Attractions

Every hill station has religious edifices of its own. Auli is widely famous for religious attractions like Badrinath, Pandukeshwar, Gopeshwar, Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, Trishul, Sanjeevani Mountain, and Lord Badri Vishal’s Temporary residence. If you intend to visit Auli, you must also visit Badrinath as Auli falls into the way of Badrinath. It’s calm and worth visiting. Pandukeshwar on the other hand has some ancient connection to Mahabharata, where Sanjeevani Mountain is famous for being carried by Hanuman to cure Laxmana. A morning visit to some of these temples will be a great way to explore Auli in winters.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your winter vacations to Auli this time and explore most untouchable beauty of Indian mountains. Happy Travelling.

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Blog By : Sunayna Agrawal
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