The Best Proposal Ideas For Travelers & No, It’s Not A Candle Light Dinner

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The Best Proposal Ideas For Travelers & No, It’s Not A Candle Light Dinner

Are you someone whose partner is a crazy travel freak and you are planning to propose him/her? Then my friend you are in the right place! I, being an avid traveller would personally like a surprise proposal while my partner and I are on a trip to some off-beat place. And trust me when I say this, your partner too would love it if you ask them out to be yours forever as you guys are out on one of your expeditions. Unexpected things bring the most happiness! This step of yours would surely be hitched in their memories forever. Thinking how you should do it? Don’t worry as here are a few proposal ideas for travellers that you might consider while pouring your heart out.

Kneeling down in Auli

Imagine going down on your knees with Snow clad Mountains in the backdrop, ring in your hand and your would-be in front of you. Magical it seems! Auli, an abode of beauty during the wintertime, finds itself in Uttarakhand, India. Be it a proposal on the cable car that takes you to Auli or on the mountain top, this moment would surely be unforgettable for your partner’s hippie soul.

Paris Affair

The city of love, how can Paris be skipped from this list? Telling your love of life that you wish to spend the rest of your life with them while you stand in front of the Eiffel tower becomes all the more romantic and enchanting. There would be a sudden rush of glow on your significant other’s face as they shy away with redness on their cheeks and tears in their eyes.

Mighty Sunsets

Be it anywhere in the world, proposing during the golden hour is one of the perfect proposal ideas for travellers. If you know your partner’s traveller side well, then you must be knowing that people who travel usually love sunsets. Hence, sealing the deal to be with each other for a lifetime as the sun goes down marks the beginning of your new journey with your beloved.

Underwater proposal, what?

Yeah! You read it right. How about proposing your love in the magnificent depths of the ocean? If you guys love water, then this could be a great travel-themed proposal for marriage. Take them to the floor bed with complete safety and scuba divers and share your feelings in action. Another thing you could do is to ask the Scuba Divers to use a shell or underwater rocks for writing ‘Will You Marry Me’ on the floor bed. This idea would surely touch their heart and they’d fall in love with you all over again.

Go creative! A fake passport with the changed surname?

This one is exclusively for men to propose to the love of their life.Plan a treasure hunt for covering all the important aspects of your city so that she gets to know about it a little more. Through the hints bring her to the place of your first date, get it decorated before she comes, plan a candlelight dinner and lastly be ready with a fake passport having her surname changed to that of yours (as it would be after you guys get married). As soon as she steps in hand it over to her and record her priceless reaction! Get down on your knee and ask, “Will you be my travel partner for rest of my life?”

Amongst the royalty of Rajasthan

Choose any palace of your choice, be it in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur or Jaisalmer, and propose to your lover amidst the ancient and cultural vibes of these palaces. A proposal in a complete maharaja style at an age-old mahal on Valentine’s Day would not only bring vintage feels but also the fragrance of old school love. Therefore, a great proposal idea for your Valentine! Make her the queen of your life and vice-versa.

Skydive into the forever bond of love and honesty

Not all travellers are adventurers but if yours is then proposing post your sky diving session is yet another perfect proposal idea for traveller. Before boarding the plane only to taste the sky, ensure that every arrangement is intact. The moment your feet touch the ground, get the ring and sit on your knees. As soon as your beloved reaches the landing site, go onto proposing them to be yours forever. Seal the deal with a kiss and tada you’ve just created a memory to be cherished forever for you and your partner.

Create an Adventure Book

Put all you travel memories together and share it with your adorable travel as you are on yet another adventure. Be it sipping a cup of coffee in a cute little cafe located in the Himalayas or getting your brain frozen with coolers at a beach, whenever the situation is in your favour, handover them the Adventure booklet which would include pictures from all your trips together so far. Now you must be thinking why this book? So to clear out these clouds of confusion, the book would have a compartment where you’d be placing the proposal ring. Now that you know this, why don’t you try this?

Cliffside villages of Cinque Terre, Italy

One of the most picturesque locations in Italy, Cinque Terre is where seaside villages add seven stars to the golden times of the nation. Surrounded by ocean on their front side and scenic views on all the four sides, this place becomes apt for proposing your traveller partner. Go down on your knees at the beach, propose your lover as you row a boat in the blue sea, or while sipping a glass of wine in some colourful cafe, nothing can go wrong when you are in a dreamlike destination.

So there were a few perfect proposal ideas for travellers that came across my mind. Try any of these or if you have something new, then do share! One last thing, do not forget to document the lovely proposal. Either keep a hidden camera or hire some local photographer to do this bit for you. No matter how you propose, your feelings matter!

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Blog By : Nidhi Khurana
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