How to Plan a Perfect Bangalore to Kodaikanal Trip?
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How to Plan a Perfect Bangalore to Kodaikanal Trip?

The princess of Indian hill stations, Kodaikanal is located in the green carpet of forests in the Nilgiri Mountains. The name literally translates to “the gift of the forest” in one of the regional dialects. Situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, this is one of the perfect getaways if you are planning an extended weekend trip from the bustling city life of Banglore. It’s exhilarating climate, fascinating natural sceneries, homemade chocolates and wild bison are going to leave you mesmerised. So, Buckle up! Here’s Kodaikanal from Bangalore trip guide curated just for you.

How to Reach Kodaikanal from Bangalore

Kodaikanal from Bangalore By Road

The fastest route to reach Kodia is via Nh44, the distance is 439.7 km and the drive will take 9 hours and 33 minutes. The other route includes Nh44 and Nh544 and will take 8 h 11 min to reach and the distance is 447 km. Consider grabbing a bite at Sree Saravana Bhavan Restaurant in Krishnagiri for some classic South Indian delicacies and don’t forget their famous filter coffee and another must-pit stop is  Dindigul Venu Biriyani Restaurant in Dindigul. You just cannot miss out on this. Hands down the best Biriyani you will have in the entire trip.

Kodaikanal from Bangalore By Plane

The closest airports to Kodaikanal are Madurai 120km, Trichy 150km and Coimbatore 175km. It will take you approximately 1-2 hours to reach. You can hire a personal cab from the airport itself. From Madurai it will take you maximum 3h 40m via cab to reach Kodai. Your cab journey will be filled with panoramic sceneries and will surely fill your heart with joy!

Kodaikanal from Bangalore By Train

From Bangalore to Kodaikanal there are 2 immediate trains. Tuticorin Exp (16236) and Nagarcoils Exp (16339). These trains take at least 8h 37 m to reach Kodaikanal. The journey will be filled with gorgeous landscapes passing you by as you sip tea in your cozy berth.

Kodaikanal from Bangalore By Bus

Regular direct bus services are available for this route, Travel time generally varies from a minimum of 8h 30 m to a maximum of 10h 35 m, based on the type of bus and operator selected by you. Most commonly taken route is Nh44 The route includes Hosur, Krishnagiri, Tiruchirapalli, Velur, Dharmapuri, Salem, Thopur, Namakul, and Dindigul.

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

Now that we’ve figured out how to get to the “Princess of Hill Stations.” Here are some of the classic activities and places to visit you don’t want to miss out on during your getaway.

Devil’s Kitchen

The tourist spot was originally called Guna Cave between the Pillar Rocks and Green Valley View.This huge, dark and ancient cave is a profound cleft similar to a tiny gutter that opens the way to the most dangerous deep drop ; hence the name is Devil’s Kitchen. The cellar is famous and often full of a limited number of tourists.Watch the ravines that are concealed. Many suspects fell victim to the “Devil’s Trap.” Watch your step, then! Watch your step!

Kodai Lake

The natural beauty of this place will leave you in awe. With 60 hectares of star-shaped, artificial mass of water and its river-boats and pedalos which can be hired from the local shipping club. A 5 km walking trail all around it, horse-riding and biking, is one of the most sought-after places for both local and tourists. Built in 1863, it still thrives as one of the most popular places never to be missed in Kodaikanal. A dreamlike experience couples love to indulge in whenever visiting this star shaped gem.

Indulge in Homemade Chocolates

Kodaikanal will appeal to you if you’re any kind of chocolate enthusiast. In fact, the city is famous for its white and dark chocolates and spices. You can also purchase chocolates by kilometres, rather than little packets, like those on the grocery store! There are several stores that sell them and the best thing is to browse dozens of distinct flavors before you choose them! Brazilian coffee chocolate is the best one for dark chocolate enthusiasts. One of the places I’d personally like to recommend is Manna’s Chocolate factory, They have one of the best collections to select from.

Bryant Park

This botanical garden which stretches around 20 acres of lush greenery, was built by a forest officer from Madurai named H.D.Bryant. It includes 325 species of trees and cacti and shrubs.In the peak season, there are a myriad of colors that can be seen all around and creates a lovely atmosphere for the visitor to relish and even educate himself about these plants. A special rose section has approximately 740 varieties, which are quite a visual treat. You have a eucalyptus tree from 1857 and a bodhi tree that some people regard as spiritual. There are also a large number of ornamental plants grown and sold. It’s, of course, a great chance for horticultural displays and flower exhibits that are also organized at different points of the year. The admission charge is nominal too !

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

This solar observatory is located on Observatory Road, about 6 km from the bus stop. In Kodaikanal at 2,343 meters it is regarded as the highest point. The discovery of the radial sunspot phenomenon is acknowledged to a former Observatory Director John Evershed, and so it is referred to as the Evershed Effect. Besides, the Indian Institute of Astrophysics also offers a weekly and all day Astronomical Sciences Museum, an astronomical library and a scheduled telescopic sky view, which is open to the public.

Dolphin’s Nose

Just imagine sitting on a flaky, nervous stone at 6,600 ft. and seeing the boundless sky with a stunning perspective of the large scenery and various waterfall locations. Dolphin Nose is on a rocky cliff which enables you to see the entire city from the birds’ eyes. The journey to this picturesque site is a bit difficult, especially after one kilometer of the Pambar Bridge trek. But that’s why it’s the most desirable place. This top hill is also one of the best places in Kodaikanal for sunrise and sunset. Sounds like a storybook location, huh! Take a morning walk and hang between the clouds!

Silver Cascade Waterfall

In every sense, the Silver Cascade Waterfall is similar to its name. It’s a pit stop along the road towards Madurai and it takes your picturesque attention like no other! This version is unimaginably ethereal falling from a colossal height of 180 ft It draws its water from the overflowing Kodai Lake and sprinkles with loud gusts. When the weather is suitable, many plunge in. The hints of chocolate and essential oils from local vendors will engulf you and urge you to buy them as souvenirs for loved ones back home. Sitting by the lake, chomping of local delicacies at the restaurant by the waters, the heavens are finally here.

If you are working in a boring 9-5 job and looking to delight-in the weekend break, Kodaikanal is the perfect fit for you. From mesmerizing hills to a little rush of adrenaline, trip to Kodaikanal will never disappoint you. Further, the icing on the cake is- you can visit this unreal place anytime during the year. We have several tour packages to Kodaikanal from Bangalore that you would not want to miss.
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Blog By : Nidhi Khurana
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