Amazing Travel Experiences Should Be on Every Wanderer’s Christmas Wishlist
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Amazing Travel Experiences Should Be on Every Wanderer’s Christmas Wishlist

Christmas – a festival of joy which is celebrated all over the world. The celebration of the festival is now not restricted to any religion or regions. Christmas is a great time for the travelers and wanderers all around the globe. It’s difficult to leave the blankets and beds in the cozy winters, but the brave decision to leave the blankets and explore the world will gift wonderful experiences to you near this time. There are many places to visit around the globe during Christmas which will let you have the golden experiences of your lifetime.  In this article, you will come to know about different amazing places to visit during Christmas for an awesome festive vibe.

Santa Claus Holiday Village, Finland
Are you one among those who believe Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus? Then, Santa Claus Village in Finland is the perfect place for you. Santa Claus Holiday Village in Finland is located at Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle which is 10 km to the north of Rovaniemi. Santa Claus Holiday Village offers everything you expect from a dream holiday destination, which includes high quality accommodations, vast range of activities, delicious food, free airport transfers besides, the fun of you meeting your dear ‘Santa Claus’. Your visit to the Santa Claus Holiday Village will be definitely a fun and interesting ride to experience.
Magical winters in Norway

If you are someone who always dreamt of yourself celebrating magical Christmas with snow and fairy lights all around, then Norway is a must visit! Norway will be fully covered with snow, Christmas lights and Christmas markets everywhere. You can also experience Northern Lights for which Norway is famous for, which is a beautiful natural phenomenon occurring during the winter months.

Quebec City in Canada

Geneva’s Christmas is known for its Christmas markets which are set up around the Lake Geneva. Many ski-resorts also put up their Christmas markets. When you head towards your home from Geneva’s Christmas Markets, then you will be able to take some beautifully handcrafted Christmas gifts to your loved ones. Geneva is also known for its special Christmas decorations.

Geneva, Switzerland

The sign of love, cancer loves places with waters around. As you are the most passionate lover in the zodiac, you prefer places that are romantic and have an emotional connect. Hence, for a person like you, Andaman and Nicobar, Pondicherry and Kerala are best suited.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Do you know that Amsterdam is the watery city in the world and its canals are over 100 kilometers? Then, imagine your Christmas with Christmas lights, Christmas trees and these beautiful canals all over the city. Doesn’t it sound like a Christmas in one of your favorite fairytales? To enjoy a fairytale Christmas, you have to pay a visit to this water city – Amsterdam! Amsterdam won’t give a chance to regret on the fact that you chose Amsterdam among so many places to visit on Christmas in the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Christmas in Copenhagen is based on the concept of Hygge. Copenhagen is a city of old streets and colorful and beautiful buildings. In Christmas, the streets in the city are illuminated with Christmas lights and the people decorate the streets and buildings with special Christmas Decoration. Other attractions of the Christmas in Copenhagen are ice rink in Tivoli, Saint Lucy’s Kayak Parade, Christmas art markets filled with many talented artists and their artworks, etc. Also, don’t forget to taste the delicious Christmas treats – You cannot afford to miss that!

Strasbourg, France

Why don’t you plan your Christmas celebration at the heart of a UNESCO’s world heritage site-Strasbourg? Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas, will gift you a lifetime memory of Christmas for you. During Christmas, Strasbourg’s streets are filled with Christmas lights and delicious aromas and Christmas markets.

Nuremberg, Germany

One can find many awesome reasons to plan their Christmas in Nuremberg – Germany’s Christmas City! Some may find the delicious aromas of the most famous Nuremberg Ginger Bread all over the streets as their reasons. Some may find the Christmas markets where you can find shiny Christmas ornaments, handcrafted products, etc. Concerts are also organized in the city for the music lovers. There are also many boutiques and shops where you can find many beautiful gift items for your loved ones.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and Christmas is one of the best times to enjoy the beauty of the city. You can find many attractions in the city such as Christmas markets, Christmas botanical gardens, Alexanderplatz Funfair, exhibitions, etc.

Vatican City, Italy

Christmas is not only about lights and markets; but also about spiritual values. This city is extra magical in the Christmas season. You can attend the midnight mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on Christmas Eve, or at noon on Christmas Day which will complete your Christmas.

Apart from the places listed above, there are many beautiful places to visit during Christmas around the globe. You may choose any of such beautiful places to celebrate your Christmas Holidays. You won’t be able to forget these experiences in your lifetime. These experiences are like gems to your travel life.  And as quoted by Oliver Wendell Holmes, “A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions” Life is all about experiences and such travel experiences makes your life more valuable and interesting. Merry Christmas in advance to each one of you!

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Blog By : Sunayna Agrawal
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