Nightlife In Paro and Thimphu: Places To Explore The Best of It
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Nightlife In Paro and Thimphu: Places To Explore The Best of It

Bhutan is surely one of the most beautiful and desirable tourist destinations in the world. With its super-unique way of measuring growth and progress, it has amazed and attracted tourists from across the world. Plus, the Himalayan nation has all sorts of beautiful places to visit at all times of the day, especially when you are in or around Paro and Thimphu. These two parts of Bhutan are more famous for their nightlife than all the others. And so, here in this post, we are talking about the nightlife in Paro and Thimphu, and how you can make the most out of it. So, buckle up and read on.

Club Ace
For every single music fan travelling to and through Paro, Club Ace is a must visit. Whether you love dancing your soul out on the floor for long hours or just like the idea of listening to some genuinely great electronic and rock music, this place is the perfect match for you. So, whether you are with your friends or with family, make sure you check this one out. Here you can meet and make friends with young locals, have great food and a wonderful time for as low as INR 250.
Thermion’s Cafe

Here’s one to the beautiful cafes in Paro. And guess what? This one is situated right on the banks of the river Paro. And that allows travellers to enjoy the windy breeze, in the lap of nature with the beautiful decor that the place has set up. Speaking of the delicacies, this cafe specializes in baked items. So, the best that you can find here is going to be a variety of cookies. Being a little more specific, you can find apricot and carrot cakes here. Also, their chocolate cookies are worth their weight in gold (but, don’t worry as you won’t have to pay that way). All-in-all, Thermion’s cafe is a great place to spend an easy evening after a long, tiring day. So, if you are roaming around the town, make sure you add this one to your bucket list.

Mojo Park

Another venue for a beautiful evening over some soul-touching live music, Mojo park is where you can totally have a ball with your fraternity. The place is blessed with bands delivering their star-studded live performances and the crowd dancing their hearts out to their tunes. Also, Mojo Park is famous for its finger-licking good food. So, if all of this sounds like the idea for a perfect evening to you, you must go to Mojo Park. Entry fees are INR 250 and the place is located near Chang Lam in main Thimphu town.

Space 34

Another night club in Bhutan for everyone who lives for the night. Space 34 is the perfect place for everyone who loves popular pop and EDM beats from across the world. Oh yes, here you’ll hear wonderful music from American, Korean, Bhutanese musicians. Also, many times the place hosts karaoke nights along with live band performances and even popular DJs from different parts of the world. The venue to find this club at is Chang Lam in Main Thimphu town and the entry is priced at INR 350. Yes, that’s it!

Millennium Club

Another killer place where you can dance and drink and eat and socialize and have a time of your life in Bhutan. Millennium club is pretty much of a cool club among its tourists and locals as well. Also, anyone who wishes to explore the Bhutanese music tradition and dance to the musical beats must visit this place. The entry is priced at as low as INR 200 so yes, even when on a small budget you can totally enjoy this place.

Brioche Cafe

Run by a local Bhutanese woman, Brioche cafe is one super cozy place that you’d love to visit with your loved one. Whether you talk about the locals or tourists who have been here, this place remains one of the most popular cafes to most of them. And why not? The ambiance is all sweet and adorable to attract travelers coming in large groups or as couples or even on their solo escapades. Speaking of the specialties, this place is quite famous for its cheesecake, which is said to be extremely light and creamy, and the black forest pastry that melts with a touch of the tongue.

Club K

This club is where your quest for the place for the best nightlife in Paro can end. Club K is undoubtedly a musical heave in the mountains. The place is located in the basement of a restaurant (Sonam Trophel Restaurant). And the best time to visit is a Wednesday evening. From ladies’ night to a super-lit crowd, from one drink complimentary for women to the late-night parties, this place has everything that a clubbing enthused traveler can wish for. Plus, the best part is that the crowd that visits this place is best behaved (in other places, crowd behavior may still be an issue, but not here). This is one primary reason why this place must be your top priority for clubbing in and around Paro.

Uma Paro Bar

Super close to the Paro International Airport, this is a subsidiary of the COMO group. And also, it’s one of the best hotels that you can find in Paro. The hotel’s signature bar and lounge, i.e., the Uma Paro, houses one of the best collections of International liquor from across the globe. Also, Uma Paro Bar has the best cocktails in the city and also a rich collection of the best aged wines that you can enjoy through the night. Apart from that, you can also order from a variety of snacks that best suit your taste. Totally a recipe for a great time.

If you are traveling to or planning to travel to Paro and Thimphu, you may as well want to know about the nightlife there. And in this post, we talked just about that. Here you read about eight of the best places for enjoying the nightlife in Paro and Thimphu. We hope this was helpful.

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