Life Lessons To Take From Bhutan Trip
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Life Lessons To Take From Bhutan Trip

Bhutan, the land of the thunder dragon is a country nestled away in the Himalayas. The only carbon negative country in the world which measures its progress via Gross National Happiness, or GNH. The only country with a holistic and sustainable strategy to growth that balances the material and non-material principles. And the only country that’s making sure that its people are seeking happiness. Truly there’s something magical about Bhutan. Despite being a young country, its dedication to preservation, joy and sustainability is commendable. Definitely something that we all can learn from. Here are 5 Life lesson to take from Bhutan Trip.

Be Empathetic
Buddhism is the primary religion in the country and is evident throughout. The lifestyle. People. Monks in the temples. Every single thing that you look at stresses the significance of empathy and how it is essential. Bhutanese people are strong believers of Karma promoting the “ Live good, Do good, Be good.” ideology. You can experience this empathy when you communicate with locals, and you can also see it in how they handle the fauna around them.
Learn to Laugh, Even at Yourself
As anyone moving through Bhutan can see, Bhutanese people are really funny. At times a little crass, their sense of humour defines their carefree nature and true spirit. Even in settings like the workplace, you will find individuals cracking tiny jokes and laughing out of amusement by quirks of other colleagues. The little stuff they laugh at, may confuse you watching them laugh out loud at the lamest of jokes. You will eventually realize this is how they live easy; by finding humour in everything and laughing about it all, including themselves. After all, life shouldn’t be so grave, and we should learn to laugh a bit, even if it’s stupid.
Respecting Nature
The protection of the country’s flora and fauna is of great importance. And as Bhutan does everything in the right direction, the nation retains around 60% of all its territory under forest cover at all times. No wonder, Bhutan is one of those beautiful countries that produces more oxygen than it consumes. Even in distant locations, Bhutan’s distinct awareness of the surroundings can be seen. For instance, hand-painted trash cans sporting sentences such as “clean surroundings” and “love nature” can be seen along the paths. And then, since 1999 a ban on plastic bags has been active.

Apart from that, the nation donated the prince 108,000 saplings when Crown Prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck took birth in 2016. As the Buddhism sayings go, trees are the providers to all life forms. Planting a tree for somebody we love is the most magnificent thing. Longevity. Health. Beauty and even empathy are symbolized by a tree.

Sense of Belongingness

Human beings have an intrinsic willingness to have a feeling of inclusion. So, whether it’s in social groups, among their peers, or even in their nation, they feel home; always. A strong cultural identity fosters a sense of belonging and offers people a place they can call their own. The Bhutanese have become one of the world’s most humane, communal races. Fully aware of the pain, helping those facing difficulties actively and whatnot. Clearly, they give themselves to what they get in touch with.

Also, they admire their Kings. Protect their cultures and traditions. And they are proud of never being colonized by external forces. Plus, you will find traditional Bhutanese elements on the façade of almost everything, even in building plans. These are just aspects of a set of guidelines, codes of conduct and their retention for an ever more modernized Bhutan. This way cultural values, procedures, and traditions become easy to preserve. This feeling of belonging enables individuals in their home nation to feel secure and motivated, healthy and happy. The sense of belonging has a lot to do with cultural conservation which is also one of the major pillars in GNH.
Importance of Meditation

Bhutan is the only Vajrayana Buddhist country with has preserved its profound. Naturally, spirituality feels like a real aspect of their life. It’s not a distinctive or special idea, like the yoga class that you might join once a week. In fact, meditation is a daily practice. It’s as important as eating or sleeping to them. This also helps people remain calm and content even during hardships, And then, they also understand that the aim of a human being is to learn how to love. Meditation on death for 5 minutes 5 times a day is one of the most common meditation methods they exercise on a regular basis.

This enables them to understand their identity as a mortal, and lets them reconsider their objectives in life. As disturbing as it sounds, This practice is one of the most effective in pursuing happiness because it is the loss of mortality that makes you value your life the most. Bhutan is home to some of the most mysterious and historic meditation practices that you may get a chance to explore on your visit there.

To sum it all up, Bhutan is one gem of humility in the heart of Himalayas. With so much of mystery, spirituality and magic-filled in its horizons, Bhutan has been a piece of evidence that the world still has purity and love to offer. This unassuming nation will leave you feeling rejuvenated and hopeful. Bhutan has a lot to offer the world, from its philosophy of life to the GNH. Bhutan slowly dancing to the beat of its own drum jumped from 18th century to the 21st century without being the part of the Industrial Revolution is just an example of how patient this nation is. The technology is not a part of lifestyle but a tool for Bhutanese people. Bhutan is the perfect representative of the ancient, the modern and the balanced.

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