Haunted Places To Visit In Bangalore If You Are Up For A Chilling Adventure
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Haunted Places To Visit In Bangalore If You Are Up For A Chilling Adventure

The answer to the question “Are ghosts real?” is not a black and white one. We cannot give a definite answer – owing to both scientific evidence and many, many stories. There are many haunted places to visit in Bangalore, from empty houses, busy roads, to even airports and hospitals. So, if you are in town and want to find out for yourself, here are all the haunted places in Bangalore you should be visiting.

Kalpalli Cemetery

Located on Old Madras Road, this cemetery is known to make people uneasy and restless. Many have said they saw a mysterious man lurking near the graves who disappears when you go near him. Few others have talked about how difficult it is to breathe above certain graves, as the air is way too thick and heavy around them. Some people speculate that all of this is due to the lack of adequate space and so many cremations going on each day. Whatever the reason, this cemetery meets all the expectations people generally have from them.

Terra Vera

If you see someone who likes gruesome backstories for places like these, Terra Vera will not disappoint you. It is one of the most Mysterious places in Bangalore. Two sisters – Dolce and Vera used to live in a house made by their father. They were both teachers and lived on their own, and never got married. One day, an unidentified man came in and murdered Vera right in front of her sister. She was asked to move away due to security reasons, and she left behind all the precious belongings. Many have gone inside to click photos, but their batteries go dead and images come out corrupted – not to forget stray sounds of a piano, random faces, and screams, etc. The demolition of the house a few years ago and the way the case is still unsolved may have led to more anguish and anger in the spirit living there.

Kempegowda International Airport, Devanahalli

The ghosts at this airport are known to disappear asking for help, float around on the runway, etc. Many staff members have shared their stories full of horror. They saw a woman in a white sari who disappeared on them, and some saw a headless apparition near the elevators. A few times they have been captured on camera as well. It is a bit unusual to find a ghost in a place like this, and that too, headless ones. These instances add a spooky new side to the airport, making it one of the most haunted places to visit in Bangalore. If you are flying from this airport, stick to the places you need to be in and don’t explore – you will be fine!

Victoria Hospital

Now, this ghost lives in the hospital and takes rounds every so often. Patients and staff alike are fed up with the ghost as it walks around all pale and scary, sometimes even resting on the trees around the hospital premises. Because of this, a lot of staff members have given up night shifts and only come to work during daylight hours. The other ghost of Victoria Hospital is said to walk around screaming and wailing. Some say that these hauntings have arisen due to the deaths that take place in a hospital. But then, that begs a simple question: why isn’t every hospital on earth haunted?

MG Road

The ghosts of Bangalore seem to have a thing for crowded and busy places – as opposed to the usual places where we expect them to be found, like lonely streets and deserted buildings.

MG Road is a hub for tourists, as there is so much to be done and seen here. Unfortunately, that list includes the ghost of a young woman too. She was killed in an accident by a drunk driver, and each year on the same date, people claim they hear painful screams and calls for help. All this happens near the road that leads to the call center, making it one of the horror places in Bangalore.

While some of us are scared beyond speech or movement when faced with the slightest possibility of a ghost, others actually look forward to these experiences. If you are someone who gets a kick out of such things, be sure to visit these places and tell the world what you saw and felt.

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Blog By : Nidhi Khurana
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