Everything Travelers Need to Know About Coronavirus
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Everything Travelers Need to Know About Coronavirus

Yes, travel is our religion, and we love this leisure activity with our friends, lovers, family and even while going solo. It gives us the pleasures of the world. It makes us feel free. It makes us feel alive and more connected to our being. That’s all true. But one more thing that’s true is the coronavirus. Taking one heavy death toll on the Chinese population, the virus is spreading across a few neighbouring areas as well, and so, it is going to affect the travelling community as well. In this post, we are talking about the same. Here you’ll find some important coronavirus travel advice that you must know if you are planning to travel (or already travelling).

US is Stepping In For Prevention
Starting off, one of the latest news regarding the coronavirus spread is the US stepping in to prevent the disease from spreading. So, as the reports say, any US citizen who has been in Hubei (China) in the last 14 days will be quarantined for nearly 14 days (or even more if required) when they return to the states. Apart from that, US health authorities have also talked about their citizens who’ve been in the rest of the Chinese land in the last 14 days. These people will have to undergo a mandatory screening at one of the eleven US airports (designated by the government for this special screening). And then if a traveller is screened, showing no signs of the viral infection, they will be re-booked to their final destination and asked to avoid leaving home for around two weeks (just the same). Also, that’s not where this ends. Foreign nationals who recently visited China will not be allowed entry on the American lands for some time.
China Is Currently One of The Least Prioritised Countries For Travel

With the US state department distributing China travel warnings to its highest level (“Level 4: Do Not Travel”), it’s evident that countries are turning against the idea of visiting China, at least for now. Apart from this, the United Kingdom and Canada are two other tier-one nations that are discouraging travel to China, with their recent travel warnings. And clearly, this is making sense, considering the virus’ fast spread affecting over 17,000 Chinese people. Also, the World Health Organization has declared the new coronavirus outbreak as a global health emergency. An emergency committee regarding the same was also held in Geneva. Many countries, including India, the US, the UK, France and South Korea, have initiated evacuation programs to bring back citizens from Wuhan.

Airlines are Cancelling Flights to China

Well, another obvious news, several Airlines have started suspending flights to China. Yes, it’s disturbing their air-times and routines, but it’s the need of the hour. So, if you were planning to travel to China, you may have a tough time finding a reliable mode of travel. And then, as you are here for coronavirus travel advice, I’d recommend you to avoid visiting China for now.

Travel Insurance Providers May Not Cover You Against This Virus

Yes, travel insurance is one of the best ways of ensuring that your travel injuries get covered by the bank. However, this magical staff may not work in case of this newly spread virus. It’s like, many airlines are temporarily relaxing their cancellation policies, and many hotels are waving off the cancellation charges, but travel insurance companies are not taking responsibility for travellers who may acquire this disease on their journey. So, keep this in mind. It’s one of the most essential tips to avoid while travelling until the risk settles down.

4 Most Important Tips and Precautions for Coronavirus

1. Avoid Contact With People and Animals that are Sick

Certainly, the virus is rising high and affecting a significant part of the Chinese population, but some emergencies may always occur. We know about times when a situation can’t be avoided. If your travel to China is just that crucial, you should practice utmost precaution to steer clear from the deadly virus. Speaking of how here is the perfect coronavirus travel advice.

2. Use a Mask; Always

Yes, no matter how many precautions you practice, if you aren’t using a facial mask, you are undoubtedly entertaining a recipe for failure. The coronavirus can spread through the air and even skin contact. So, wear a mask at all times, also if you are meeting someone only for a few seconds.

3. Wash Hands Frequently

We use our hands for nearly everything. From eating to portraying gestures, our hands do a lot. And then there’s a lot of oral contact that takes place between our hands and our mouth. This is another reason why it’s recommended to wash hands while travelling to China frequently. It’ll keep you safe even if the virus once tries attacking you through your hands. Also, carry a hand sanitizer when you are in places where you can’t keep washing hands.

4. Know That Air Travel Is One Of The Major Modes Of Virus Spread

Initially, the virus was only found in China, and then it travelled to other parts of the world, including Kerala, India (Yes, necessary precautions will apply if you are travelling/or planning to travel to Kerala). And how did this virus reach us? Well, air travel is the reason. By now, three cases have been confirmed in Kerala, and we are hoping that the number stops there. Apart from that, the crux is that it’d be better to avoid travelling on flights that are going to or coming from China. And if you still have to, make sure you sanitize your hands, use a mask and stay away from sick people.

Coronavirus is on a spread, and the times are getting really tough for the Chinese population. We hope the ailment frees us all away soon, but till the time it doesn’t, it’s crucial to learn all that matters about it. Here, we tried doing the same with our coronavirus travel advice. Hopefully, this was helpful.

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