Retired Ambulance Man Helps Terminal Patients to Achieve Their Dying Wish
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Retired Ambulance Man Helps Terminal Patients to Achieve Their Dying Wish

Envision of being old, critically ill, and having a last wish to see the snowfall or attend someone’s marriage ceremony or to go on a beautiful trip. How might you satisfy this perishing wish? On the off chance that you are in Denmark, at that point you may get an opportunity, as Kees Veldboer’s Wish Foundation can enable you to do it. Veldboer has just satisfied the withering wishes of 14000 in critical condition patients, because of his emergency vehicle. Kees Veldboer is a resigned paramedic, and alongside his better half, Ineke, began Sticthing Ambulance Wens, or Ambulance Wish Foundation after a specific occurrence. He worked for more than 20 years as an emergency vehicle driver, utilized the clinic’s ambulances to help individuals around the nation and later had the option to purchase his own.

The thought came to Veldboer when he was moving a patient to the medical clinic, yet because of a deferral, the patient said he wished to see Rotterdam Harbor for one final time. Kees Vedlboer not just took the man to see the harbor, yet additionally orchestrated him to experience sailing. That is the point at which everything began, and reports recommend that as of late he took a withering couple to see the snow for one final time.

Starting at now, Kees Veldboer has been to various spots with his 14000 patients, including football matches and Swiss mountains. He even took a lady once to her home once and for all, where she just spent an hour and filled her heart with seeing her home. She passed on two days after the fact. While a few people like to go to weddings of their precious ones, others like to watch a last round of football. Kees also helped two of the football fans to watch their beloved Ajax play one more time. He also fulfilled the wish of an incurably ill grandmother who was also able to meet her newborn grandchild and another grandmother got to attend her grandson’s wedding.

Kees reveals that Stichting Ambulance Wens aims at fulfilling the wishes of health deprived patients who cannot manage to fulfill their dreams themselves when on death bed and most of the cases are related to patients who are immobile and bound to a stretcher so they can’t be transported by car. Also, the patients are looked after by around 270 members since they need 24hours medical care. “It’s not only about helping the patient. We also help their families and friends create beautiful memories,” Kees said. “We know we can’t make them better, but we give them so much joy in their last days and it’s special.”

One of the most well-known solicitations is a visit to the workmanship historical center. A most stunning aspect regarding this is he has even taken patients outside of the Netherlands. Once he took a critically ill young person to see the mountains in Switzerland. As mentioned by him, his association Ambulance Wish Foundation, helps every six people fulfill their dream before they die.

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Blog By : Zoha Zalal Khan
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