Bar vs Travel: How To Spend Your Long Weekend

Inspired from the west and movies, bars and clubs have become regular hotspots for millennium people to blow off  steam. Being an enthusiastic traveller, I often ask myself is partying in a club better than taking a trip to explore new places?? Somehow I have not yet seen the point of blowing off nearly 10K in a couple of hours drinking your asses off instead of going on an adventure. It isn’t that I have never been to clubs, I myself is kind of person who parties hard, but I still always prefer to sip a cup of tea in Himalayas rather than deafening myself in clubs. I am not right, I am just different.

But here are my reasons for that.


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Yes, you had a really great time in that overly noisy club last night. Now consider this, you are in mountains, chilling with your friends sipping hot ginger lemon tea with spectacular views and not spending that shitload of money in just 3-4 hours but exploring for 3-4 days. Relax and let go of all the tensions, rise above monotonicity. 

New experiences every time 

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Experience does for soul what education does for mind – Casey Neistat. 

Every new place you explore, every new culture you experience and every adventure you undertake, moulds you. The best experiences are the one you get when you are out exploring the world. Time passes but it is we who are spent!! Let’s spend that time gaining new experiences.

New culture

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Culture is what divides humans from animals. Getting to know a culture different from our own gives a great insight as to how people differ from each other. Travelling just doesn’t gives you stories of your adventure but rather the culture rubs off you and makes you a better and open person.  


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Sure bars are cool, although it is more comforting to listen to stories of locals whom you never know would have achieved feats which will leave you questioning your ‘cool’ status. Their stories connect you with what life is, gets you thinking that maybe you have taken what you have for granted, you come to value the comforts of city life, yet when you come back you reminisce the life you saw in mountains.

Time for self 

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This one is a little hard to explain. This is something you would have to personally feel to know what the hell I am talking here, but still let me try. There is nothing like taking some time to yourself in mountains to give mind a much needed rest and solidarity it demands from all the fuss. Sometimes you just feel time passing by and yet it stops for you, for you to admire the beauty, serenity which transpires that all is well in world when your thoughts are not scattered. 

Forget social media, make real friends

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, there will always be a top of the world social media platform. Still it’s no comparison to the actual conversations you have with a person. They say, you wanna know someone, travel with them. I say it’s true. Travelling let you make friends with people you might have come across on Facebook but would never have made real friends with. And let me tell you, they are here to stay!!! 

Make stories and memories not just blackouts 

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If you are a party freak then it must have happened that you had a blackout and all you remember was throwing up. Well that’s another side effect of the way you “chill”. Travel instead!! Make great stories, memories, not just blackouts. The time given to us will soon pass. Let’s make memories which will never let us forget all the great moments we had in this time and the people who made them great.  

Love the hangovers!!! 

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What’s worst part of drinking heavy, the hangovers. Well that’s the kind of hangover you are let with your awesome party. Me, I come home with a different kind of hangover, one which I actually like. The best part of an amazing trip in mountains is the feeling it leaves behind. You are at home but your heart is left behind in mountains. You miss the place, you miss the feeling and no headache at all. Most common notion after a night in clubs is “Not Again!”. The difference of coming back from adventure is “When again!”.  

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